Amazing course! I learned plenty and i feel confident to start my In Car lessons! If anyone is anxious about Driving then i highly recommend it to those people. I loved everything about this Driving School, I wouldn't change a thing!

Taylor, Windsor. (Student Driver)

Awesome course, I thought it was a lot of fun, i learned so much although i wasn't expecting much, it totally exceeded my expectations! Loved it and Rich's Scottish accent was pretty cool too!

Abigail, Amherstburg. (Student Driver)

I would say that this was a great class, not boring at all like i expected Drivers Ed to be, this course was a lot of fun, i learned so much!

Carlene, Tilbury. (Student Driver)

What a grand class this is! Although informative, it also gushes with a certain charm that i'm told other schools lack! Rich I'm so glad I chose Mini Driving School with your sense of humour and your amiable dog! 

Alexandra, Tecumseh. (Student Driver)

This course strengthened my knowledge in Driving. Only improvement i would make would be more pizza! Every day should be free pizza day! Not just the last day!

Bryce, Riverside. (Student Driver)

good idea Bryce! let us think about that one:) Rich

The course was a lot of fun, i learned way more than i expected! 

Mitchell, Windsor. (Student Driver)

I would recommend this course for sure! Rich really cares about all of his students. The class was fun and interesting!

Natalie, Windsor (Student Driver)

MINI DRIVING SCHOOL: Training Your Precious Cargo To Take The Wheel

Before you know it, the Baby On Board decal gets tossed and your teen takes the wheel for the first time. It’s tough to gauge who is more apprehensive: the new driver or their parents. That’s why professional training is so important.

After turning 16, Courtney Trudel wanted to get her driver’s license. Her parents called various driving schools and knew they found the right one when Mini Driving School took time to answer their many questions. Courtney figured it would be fun to acquire driving skills in a sporty BMW Mini Cooper. She learned the rules of the road in a small class over two weekends at Mini Driving School, conveniently located at 13145 Tecumseh Rd. E., Tecumseh. Though Courtney didn’t know any of the students,“she came home from the first class and talked about how comfortable she was. She learned a lot,” her mother, Ronnie Trudel recalls. With 20 hours of class instruction under her belt, the teen was ready for the road.

Mini Driving School provides 10 private driving sessions, each an hour in duration. Rich picked up Courtney in a Mini Cooper at her home or school, depending on her schedule. It’s a service the driving school offers to residents of Belle River, Essex, Tecumseh, LaSalle and Windsor. “She got the full hour driving every time,” says Ronnie. The training paid off. Courtney passed her G1 road test. Then, in January, Rich picked her up from school and went to the Ministry of Transportation exam site for her G2 road test. Ronnie and dad Neil Holland were on hand. With the examiner in the passenger seat, the teen drove off in the Mini. Ronnie, peeking through her fingers,was reassured by Rich.“She got her G2 on the first try,” says Mom. When smiling Courtney returned from her test, Rich was as proud and delighted as her parents.“He was very encouraging, telling me how well she did,” says Ronnie. “It made me feel really good about my own daughter. There are a lot of people we know who have children getting their G1 now.We recommend Mini Driving School.”

I could have found a cheaper School but my Mom had been told that we should come here. This course was worth every penny and more. I am so glad that i came here. Instructor Rich cares about what he teaches and is very knowledgeable. A great Driving School, i will tell all of my friends to go here. Thanks Rich   

Jackie, Lakeshore (Student Driver)

Enjoyable experience with a positive atmosphere in a relaxing environment. I learned a lot, it wasn't boring at all, i'm glad i picked this Driving School.      

Kirsten, Tecumseh (student Driver)

Nothing could improve this course! great course and instructor was very fun, met some nice people.

       Dario, Windsor  (Student Driver)

You learn a lot, way more than i thought! not boring what so ever, i enjoyed the classes, not a waste of money, and very informational.

       Chantal, Lakeshore (Student Driver)

A great class, Instructor is fair and understanding, i wouldn't change a thing!

       Joanie, Tecumseh ( Student Driver)

Very Fun - A great 4 days In Class. Instructor made learning fun, i wouldn't change anything about this class!

       Andrew, Tecumseh (Student Driver)

As a mature student driver, Rich was just what I needed. He is quiet, calm and patient. He doesn’t mind explaining things more than once and is very reassuring and encouraging if you don’t get things quite right. Thanks to Rich, I will have the freedom to get around by myself instead of having to rely on other people and for that, I will be eternally grateful.  Thank you!   

       Trish (Mature Student)

Excellent instruction both in class and on the road. I would happily suggest that anyone who needs instruction contact Mini Driving School first.

        Neil Holland (Parent)

I would like to thank Rich for the fabulous training that my daughter received - I will be recommending this school to any new driver

Ronnie Trudel(parent)

Love it! Could be boring but wasn't! I learned so much in so little time!

        Kassidy, Forest Glade (student driver)

It is incredibly fun and a great friendly atmosphere, nice place too, Rich is so nice.

       Jesse, Windsor (student driver)

The teacher was funny and i learned lots about driving

        Logan, Windsor (student driver)

I would tell my friends to go here, it was a lot of fun learning

       Cooper, Essex (student driver)

Take this course, it's good:)

       Jacob, Essex (student driver)

The instructor was very well prepared and made me feel comfortable, I felt i learned a lot about driving in 20hrs and feel confident to go on the road!

       Josh, Essex (student driver)

Great course, instructor is fun friendly and knows his stuff!

        Kyle, Tecumseh (student driver)

Rich is friendly and has a calm & comforting approach.

       Josee, Tecumseh (student driver)

Much more interesting than i expected after what others had told me about other Driving Courses, thanks

        Riannon, Woodslee (student driver)

Good productive class

       Jordan, Lasalle (student driver)

"I expected drivers ed to be boring as this is what i had heard from my friends who went to other driving schools. This class was fun and interesting, i actually learned lots about safe driving in this class, i will tell all of my friends about Mini Driving School."

        Joy, Windsor (student driver)

"Great discussions, interesting fun activities, covered everything in a fun learning way! A great instructor who cares about what he is teaching."

       Ashley, Lakeshore (student driver)

"I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to do Drivers ed. It is a fun knowledgeable course where you learn a lot about driving and have fun at the same time. I am glad i chose Mini Driving School."

       Chantel, Lakeshore (student driver)

"Teacher cares a lot about his students, i will recommend him to my friends and family. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable but very personable toward his students. I made a good choice choosing this school, not boring at all like i have heard from others about drivers ed classes."

       Amber, Belle River (student driver)

“Great teacher, good class, i am very impressed with this course, people told me that drivers ed would be boring! that is because they didn't come to mini driving school! i would recommend this school to anyone!"

       Natalie, Belle River (student driver)

“I like how i actually learned things in class,  i feel that if i had went somewhere else for drivers ed i would not have learned as much as i had heard this from other people, i will tell all my friends how great this course was."

       Amanda, Essex (student driver)

"Instructor obviously cares about the safety of the kids, he was easy to talk to and very approachable, he made learning fun but also took it serious. A great instructor, thanks for a great class."

       Alicia, Belle River (student driver)

"The instructor was a great guy, he made it fun & entertaining to learn, i am glad i chose Mini Driving School."

       Wade, Ruthven (student driver)

"Fun class, i learned lots and am not nervous about my G1 now, instructor made everyone very comfortable" "The teacher had a good way with the kids and talked with them and also done a very good job of teaching us.

Compared to what i have heard about other courses, this class was amazing, not boring at all!."
       Andrew, Cottam (student driver)

"I would recommend this school to everyone, I learned so much about being a safe driver. Thanks."

        Mitch, Tecumseh (student driver)

"I really liked this class, it doesn't sound like any other drivers ed class, thank you.

        Chris Tecumseh (student driver)

"Classroom Instructor is very fun and the overall class was enjoyable (not boring)    Jamie, Essex (student driver)

        Marco, Tecumseh (student driver)

Thanks guys for all the great Testimonials, We loved teaching each and every one of you to become safe and responsible drivers. Thanks for choosing Mini Driving School.

Please drive safe and don't hesitate to stay in touch..