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The Ministry of Transportation MTO has produced The Official Drivers Handbook for both old and young drivers to learn or update themsleves with all the rules & regulations of the road in Ontario. Add it to your book collection!

Many of your questions can be answered at the Ministy of Transportation of Ontario website

The New Ontario (BDE) Beginner Driver Education Curriculum Standards took effect September 1, 2009.  Here is some useful information on how the Ontario graduating system works!


How to Get Your Beginners (G1) Permit/License:

Study the Handbook to prepare for your written test at a Ministry of Transportation Drive Test Centre

You will be asked questions based on the contents of the Driver's Handbook, rules and regulations, including traffic laws, recognition and understanding of lights, understanding and identifying traffic signs as well as safety rules. You must obtain 80% to pass this test.

You must also pass a vision test and pay the fee and show identification. The fee paid includes your first Road Test at a later date!

Once you successfully pass the written and vision test, you will receive your G1 Permit. This will be your driver's licence valid for five years from the date of issue.

Mto Handbook

Conditions With a G1 Permit:

Until you pass your G2 road test, you must drive with a fully-licenced driver in the passenger seat and observe the following restrictions and rules:

The accompanying driver must have a full Class G Licence and have been licenced for at least four years. He is the only passenger allowed in your front seat.

You must wait a minimum of 12 months to attempt the G1 test. (Unless you take an MTO approved Drivers Ed Course then this reduces to 8 months)

You must have 0% blood alcohol content at all times, your co-driver must have a blood alcohol content below 0.05% (accompanying drivers 21 and under must have 0%), in case he/she needs to take over the wheel.

You may not drive on the following highways with a posted speed limit of over 80km/hr unless with a licensed driving instructor:

  • 400 series highways (400, 400A, 401, 402, 403, 404, 406, 407, 409, 410, 416, 417, 420, 427)
  • Queen Elizabeth Way
  • Don Valley Parkway
  • Gardiner Expressway
  • E.C. Row Expressway
  • Conestoga Parkway
  • You cannot drive at night between the hours of 12:00am and 5:00am.
  • You are only allowed as many passengers in the back seat(s) as there are working seatbelts. Only your co-driver is allowed in the front seat.
  • You can only drive G Class vehicles.

Sample License

Important Information Regarding Road Tests:

Your prepaid road test fee is only be valid for 5 yrs from the original date paid. If you do not attempt a road test within that time period you will forfeit the $40.00 road test fee that was included in the first $125,00 that you paid to the MTO

Below are a few scenarios:

  • If you have not attempted the road test by the time your G1 licence expires, you will be required to pay $85 to renew your G1 licence for another 5 years. If you renew immediately and do the test within 1 year you will not be required to pay $40. The $40 road test fee will expire at the end of the first year of that renewal period.

  • If you let the original G1 expire and do not renew immediately, the one year "grace" period will continue from the original date.  For example, it you take 4 months before renewing then you will pay $85 to renew but will only have 8 months to attempt the test.  If you go longer than 8 months, you would be required to pay $40 prior to booking a road test.

If you wait more than 1 year to renew you will forfeit the $40.00 road test fee and would have to pay the full $125.00 in order to start over.‚Äč

G2 Road Test

This 20-minute test will take place on the road with a government examiner.

You will be tested on:

  • Driving situations, rules of the road, including starting, stopping, turning, passing vehicles

  • Driving through controlled and uncontrolled intersections.

  • Parallel parking and backing up.

  • Anticipation of hazardous conditions.

  • Other safe driving practices like driving the correct speed as well as steering techniques.

Conditions with a G2 Permit:

Once you pass the G2 Test, you can drive anywhere, any time if you are at least 20 years old. The G2 level lasts for a minimum of 12 months. You can drive anytime, day or night, alone or with passengers on any road or highway in Ontario. However, you must abide by these three legal restrictions:

You must drive with 0% blood alcohol content.
You must limit the number of passengers to the number of working seatbelts.
You can drive only G Class vehicles.
If you are aged 19 and under:

When you pass the G2 test, you will receive full driving privileges with the following conditions:

G2 drivers, aged 19 and under, will be restricted in the number of passengers aged 19 and under they can carry; the passenger restriction will be in effect between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m.
In the first six months, only one passenger aged 19 and under.

After the first six months, or until G2 drivers turn twenty, they can carry only three passengers aged 19 and under.

The restrictions do not apply if a full "G" licenced person accompanies the G driver, with four years of driving experience, or if other passengers are family members.

The G2 level lasts for a minimum of 12 months.

You must drive with 0% blood alcohol content.

You must limit the number of passengers to the number of working seatbelts.

You can drive only G Class vehicles.

G License and G test driving

You can attempt your G driving test a minimum of 12 months after you pass your G2 road test.  During your G road test, you will be tested on your defensive driving skills with a government examiner for 30 minutes behind the wheel. You will be tested on:

  • Proper lane use
  • Proper observation skills
  • Mirror use
  • Blind spot checks
  • Appropriate space management
  • S-approach when left-turning at large intersections
  • Road side stop
  • Freeway driving
  • Parallel parking
  • Proper lane change procedure
  • Defensive driving throughout the test on public streets, roads, and possible highways
  • One Person, One Seatbelt Legislation

Drivers are responsible for ensuring passengers under 16 years of age are wearing seatbelts or are secured in appropriate child car safety seats. All passengers 16 years of age and older must ensure they wear a seatbelt.

Senior Driver info Once you turn 80 you need to renew your Drivers License every 2 years! 

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